Jul 8, 2016


All Sales people must be aware of the scope of their responsibilities. Decision should be made by those empowered to do so with the necessary competence and awareness of the consequences. Those responsible for making decision should refer to expertise within company and, if necessary, outside the company. Decision should not be delayed without good cause. In this way, company ensures that decisions are reached speedily and with the utmost competence.

Seniors, top management and their staff formulate challenging goals as a team. Each individual must develop an understanding of how best to achieve these goals. Where appropriate, changes that need to be implemented are jointly agreed upon. Appropriate control is directed towards the overall attainment of goals, important milestones and compliance with relevant rules. A controlling review assists to facilitate goal – oriented efficiency. A regular talks between managers and staff focuses on the contribution made by individuals or brought forward by teams and their value for company.

The performance of all sales people, including, where relevant, their leadership performance, must be conscientiously assessed through discussions. Thus individual development is best to be promoted. Critical assessments too should be conducted in a climate of respect for the individual sales employee. Not only should individuals learn about their strength, but they are also entitled to be told about where they need to improve. Good performance will receive praise and appreciation. Managers/Team leaders should in turn be prepared to be assessed by their staff.

To work successfully together, we have to communicate openly, be specific and objective. Open communications breakdown potential barriers between individuals, managers and staff entire organization. If things need to be addressed, no one should hesitate to do so immediately. To do our job properly, we all have to rely on information from others. It is therefore essential to share all the necessary information as appropriately and quickly as possible. By actively and continuously sharing information we not only gain personal experience but improve the overall efficiency of the Company at the same time.

New ideas, improved solutions to problems including the speed of their implementation, are preconditions to succeed in competition. Therefore everyone at company must challenge to have the courage to commit to new ideas and new procedures, and to remove any obstacles in their path.

All sales team and staff of the organization share the responsibilities for the climate, the teamwork and the leadership within the company. In such circumstances managers have special responsibilities to provide vision and values as well as to direct the processes of target definition and active leadership. Sales people in turn, are entitled to expect guidance and assistance from their managers. Leadership means setting an example.
Trust is essential for successful and personally satisfying teamwork. Only if we show a positive attitude towards others and confidence in their ability to handle assignments will we promote the will to achieve the results and to take on responsibility. Trust is based upon all of us observing rules of conduct that are binding throughout the company and on all of us acting in the spirit of the company.


They are hard workers; selling, prospecting and especially sales planning is hard work.
They have composure. They stay calm. They do not let the pressure of a sales call get to them. They do not panic, get angry or become intimidated.

They are well organized, and some time every day organizing their agenda and account files.

They truly believe in the benefits of their products. They absolutely believe that the purchaser of their product is bettered by the purchase.

They are persistent. They know that convincing a prospect often takes a long time. They realize that other factors can impede the selling process. They know that most qualified prospects will eventually buy from them, and that if they fail to keep selling, the prospect will buy from someone else. Remember, it usually takes five or more good sales calls to close the new account.

They think of themselves as consultants to their prospects and as problem solvers.
They recognize that rejection is common in selling situations, but they always ask for a commitment. This is the distinction between a great sales person and others.

They pay attention to the fundamentals of selling and practice the fundamentals.

They believe in the dignity of being a professional salesperson, and they believe in the economic contribution that only a selling salesperson makes.

They are competitive. The super salesperson always knows where he ranks among his colleagues , and always know how much money he made previous year and how many contests, rewards and prizes he won.

Great sales people are enthusiastic, persistent and tenacious. They have a good attitude. Because they believe in themselves and in their products benefits so strongly, they have natural never ending well of enthusiasm. The great salesperson always follow the system and make other to follow the system.

They are ethical. Customer must trust before they buy. Professional sales people do what is right. Customers believe in ethical person represents ethical company.
They are disciplined listeners. Because they spend 80-90% of their selling time listening and asking questions, their sales approach is often characterized as low-key and soft sell.
They are physically in shape. They take care of themselves, knowing that physical stamina and emotional composure gives them a real competitive advantage.

They are the real mediator between customer and company; they are the real bridge between customer and the company. They think twice, thrice before taking any decision.


Sells more.
Makes more money.
Ask questions.
Calls on qualified decision makers.
Sells important customers.
Makes more qualify sales calls than colleagues.
Has a written sales objective for each call.
Pre- plan the call.
Practices selling.
Sells during off hours.
Has daily sales goal.
Uses a monthly sales plans.
Always ask something on every call.
Sells benefits not technology.
Spends little time in the office.
Spends his time in selling.
Reads magazines, newsletter and articles of sales.
Gain more knowledge on Share market, share value, rate of inflation, Economic growth of world market and customer’s progress or developmental process.
Collect more information on Competitors activities and their development, weakness and disadvantages.
Interest rate up and down.
Inflation rate up and down.
Mortgage rate up and down.
Balance of payment up and down.
Tax relief improved or reduced.
Sales Tax/ Vat up or down.
Information on Excise duty and related taxes on sales.
Exchange rates and currency devaluation and revaluation.
Customer’s workforce increase or decrease.
Customer’s internal conferences and meetings.
Hiring man powers and appointment of new post at higher level.
Disputes and strikes.
New product launching details.
Type of media advertisements on special brand.
Deadline of new project and contracts details.
Customer’s new selling techniques and new investments.
Gross profit of the company and bank debts of the company.
Customer’s quality control problem, low productivity and productivity level variations.
Customer’s management level changes periodically.
They give much importance to good health so as to get positive result at the end of the day. Now a days most salespeople are showing keen interest in Daily Exercise & Meditation to maintain their physical fitness.

The above points are set of ideas and skills that a great sales person always thinks and try to implementing those into his day to day sales activities. In fact, these ideas and information provide sufficient knowledge and ability to sell more at customer’s place without any obstructions. Great salespeople periodically monitoring such activities and reporting the same to his seniors to take further course of action of their management strategy. This also ensures salesperson to get award and reward of his dedicated service in his sales career and make him to top of the rank with promotion and money and a lot of benefits from the management.


We are trying our level best to publish more articles which concern more on selling skills using professional experience!