Jul 6, 2016


Experts report that most people begin forming impressions of people in the first minute of contact, and that this registration begins after eight seconds! This means new customer prospectus start evaluating the salesperson often before a single word is spoken. Relationship selling requires relationship building. And this means the salesperson must sell himself to the customer before he can sell anything else. The good salesperson must be selling himself as he walks into the customer’s office, walk in to the meeting hall, or as he introduces himself to a secretary.

Your appearance can help sell you or not selling you. But appearance is more than clothes. Appearance is presence, demeanor, posture, manners, physique, cleanliness, grooming, looks, and voice. A person’s outer appearance is shaped in large part by an inner appearance of confidence, positive attitude, upbringing and honesty. However, a person’s outer appearance has a significant effect and influence on one’s sense of confidence and readiness.

Customers buy the salesperson as much, if not more, than they buy the product. And this is absolutely true if the purchase investment is significant, if the risk is high, if the purchase is very important to the buyer, or if the seller/buyer relationship will be lengthy.

Experienced Sales Team leaders says, “Dressed to be the dressed person you will meet that day” (it’s OK to dress to the culture of the area, but be the best dressed.)

Wear a business suite. And leave your jacket on.

Avoid short sleeve shirts.

Wear polished shoes.

Have a nice smile.

Look sharp and active.

Look healthy.

Have clean clothes, clean hair, clean hands, clean teeth, clean office, clean vehicle and clean mind.

Speak carefully and clearly.

Never be seen by customer with cigar.

Do not keep Cigar in your pocket.

Do not keep bunch of pens or pencils in your pocket which could streak your pocket.

No bad breath.

Use excellent table manners.

Treat your customer’s office and place of business as if it were your home.

Have neat and new sales presentation materials.

Show respect and be kind hearted towards customer, but also be rigid about your company policy.

The salesperson provides an important business and societal beneficial function. You materially lower our customers’ overall cost of doing business. Your skills, in combination with your company’s technology and enormous support, speed assembly, reduce scrap, reduce warranty cost, prevent downtime, save valuable fluids and energy, and save costly machining, rebuilding expansive shafts and bearings and improve your customers ability to compete because of your company’s product and your customers enjoy increased end user sales, improved productivity, and better return on invested capital and labor.

In short, your technology means money to customers. The customer is therefore, not buying your technology; he is buying the value of your technology represents when it is used to solve a problem.

So, in a very real sense, you are selling money. That is an easy sale….. if the customer is educated to the savings. The educational process is the challenging job of the professional company sales person. You must overcome the barriers of ignorance, unawareness, or being unconvinced. (Note: do not interrupt “ignorance” as lacking intelligence. Your customers are smart. They just may not know the total capabilities of your technology or company.)

The education process also requires problem identification, accurate product selection, demonstrable application, benefits quantification, and test or trial. These and other steps have to be performed by you. You are the expert. You are the catalyst for the customer to see value, and choose your solution/ product.

You are able to give your customers these benefits, and more, because of the quality and integrity of your products, your company, and your people.

Consequently, the customer is buying you, the professional consultative sales person, as much as he is buying the money- saving solutions. Customers buy you before they buy anything else. You are company’s brand in their eyes. It is to you to whom they turn for engineering advice, technical service, problem solving, project management and much more. It is the combined investment in you and your solution our product that represent value to a customer.

As a company’s professional salesperson, you completely understand that it is our customers for whom we work. Without a customer, we would cease to exist. You also know that quality deserves a price premium that profitability is essential to grow and re invest, and that your job is to help customers understand and value the company’s point of difference.

For company to grow and prosper, you must prosper. This means you must be better than competitive sales people. Your customers must perceive that you are better, and that your success is linked to their success. This happens when you are technically knowledgeable, ethical, empathetic, and superbly proficient in all phases of consultative relationship selling. You are expected to continue and add to the company’s selling tradition.

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