Jul 27, 2016


Every salesperson is responsible to submit the required reports to their Management heads. Submitting wrong reports or delays in submission are a back step for the salesperson instead he must submit accurate and reliable reports and gain back good confidence, support and knowledge from their Superiors.

Salesperson may happen to show laziness in their work due to lack of family support or domestic difficulties or lack of experience in managing the customers or improper planning.

This would definitely lead to negative results in salesperson’s service life. Though he is skilled, trained, qualified and enthusiastic to generate business for the company, he could not do that. Find the answer is here. He must be open to his supervisor, management, colleagues and family too. Sales life begins from home/family and ends at home. So salesperson must be sincere and faithful to his family members to the maximum possible extent or always.

The most important thing in anyone’s life is achieving their goal. How to achieve this goal? Today you might have seen many achievers who have attained their targeted goal by putting entire effort into it. You can just ask them as what the root cause behind their achievement is. Obviously the response you get from them is hard work with logic, effort, patience, reading and writing, training, strong communication and more over good support from family and their blessings. Yes, this is true! Without their support achieving your goal may be difficult and may not be possible also. Family members will encourage, push and motivate you towards success. They even sacrifice their most of their valuable time, good suggestion, advice and much more into it. So, the family plays major role in any employee’s service life. To seek maximum support from your family you should always be open and frank about your opinions and goals clearly. No need to worry about such issues. As already mentioned, you are the boss, and your company is opened to everyone entirely. Today millions of sales people are working with many big and small companies and earning. Moreover they are enjoying and leading happy life. You can get it from your company’s top achievers. Many people express their views in different ways on various topics. This clearly states that how satisfied they are!

Let your Family members/parents know that sales job is bread and butter of your life and company. It’s also future-oriented, huge opportunities for earning and learning forever.
If your parents think it’ll be “easy” for you to go work to other small company try to convince and tell them that this is the right place for you to reach your goal and this type of work opportunity is in growing process.

Your parents /Family will be much more likely to support and boost your sales career if you show them that “working outside the headquarter and travelling more frequently” doesn’t mean “relaxing and enjoying.” Show clearly that you’re initiating the action by showing your parents your assigned tasks, projects,  new customer list, your leadership qualities, sharing your planned activities and telling them when you shot goal like closing your first potential business project.

If you haven’t yet started your action plan, use this tool to help you get your career off the ground. Let your parents know that you’re working towards your goals, and they’ll be more likely to believe you can achieve them.

When you work for a large company, they handle many of the financial details like provident funds, gratuity, medical benefits and retirement planning options. When you working as an employee of that organization, you must collect more information on day to day activities of your company and you’re responsible for everything to keep record on track for future benefits responsibilities. This would help and motivate you to convince your parents that you are free from all headaches after retirement. Naturally your family members will be happy to hear it from you.Because they are the backbone of your success and bridge between you and your life.

Show your parents that you have what it takes to struggle and face difficulties for achieving your goal and reaching the business target. Consider taking a class on how to manage your superiors — after all, you can do it logically as a perfect sales guy by meeting and discussing with your family members tax benefits, incentives, bonus, additional benefits in the form of gifts or money if you are quite confident! Discuss with your family members and show all related tips and tools if you want to travel outside for more than a week.
What additional and special skills are you learning as you prepare for your sales career? Are you becoming a Sales Manager? Did you learn how to generate new customer or find out new territory? Did you set up a Business Goal? Did you plan long term Project target? Show your parents your additional skills, so that they can understand you are honestly and sincerely working on professional towards the success and development of the company and your family. They know that the more useful knowledge you have, the more valuable asset you are to your organization, so let them understand that you’re doing the work to make yourself as branded as possible. Your parents will probably want you to teach and share their experiences and extend their full support for ever.

Plan,Construct and Build your network and present it off to your family. Let them see that you have xxxxxx numbers of Rupees/dolors/euro value business, customer base, or new product launching that fulfill one of your project.

When you bring a new customer or business, tell your Family/parents. When you complete your first task or project, tell your parents/wife/children. If you get a big award or reward, dedicate the same to your parents. Let them know that working honestly and getting success is crediting income and glory in your service life is one of the best ways to get them on board for your new sales career definitely.

Your Family/parents want you to be financially successful, but they also want you to be happy and comfortable always. They want to see you in good health and physically fit always. Obviously they feel bad if you are not rewarded and awarded periodically by the company. Convenience them exactly how your company makes their employees happy and award and reward periodically for a good performer.

Whatever you love about company let them know. That way they’ll understand that by choosing sales career, you have chosen the right path for you — and they’ll be more likely to support for ever and cheer you on. Finally you are achieving physical and mental fitness to reach your goal not only at home but also at company. Your success is company's success, family success and moreover your own success.

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