Aug 2, 2016


"All of us, in a sense, struggle continuously all the time, because we never get what we want. The important thing which I've really learned is how do you not give up, because you never succeed in.

(Mukesh Ambani)

"I would say that one of the things I wish I could do differently would be to be more outgoing."

(Ratan Tata)

Your Company would like to compliment you for a talented idea in setting up your business. This daring action of yours would spell financial favour for yourself. But, I believe that an Intense marketing skill and strategy must be implemented in order for this daring and dashing of yours to succeed. You just cannot make this organization like those other ordinary companies that didn’t really make -good because of an insufficient and lack of marketing strategy. But your company would like to provide its own best marketing services in order to make your business successful among all worldwide. Further to state that it is already -known for the excellent valuable services, Marketing strategies and innovative ideas that company provides by expanding and extending its network through millions of accounts throughout world and using Media services, television, radio and moreover technically and commercially well trained Sales Team and taking the best advantage of internet facilities in order to make establish that your business will be made expected success and communicate the people/market that you can possibly reach to the top using these effective marketing methods. Please let us assist you in making your business success in all respects and make you to start a great legally earned income hereafter from the rest and known worldwide.

I hope following are few qualities that may require for continuous growth of any organizations or any institutions to establish their network and enhancing their sales every year. Following are the few qualities a salesman should possess which enables him to focus on his career.

How does a Company become successful?

Today we have seen that many large companies or small organizations are closing doors every year due to one or the other reasons and many companies are growing towards success and earning huge profit margin despite facing a lot of economic problems, lack of infrastructure facilities, and shortage of funds and so on. But still how they are retaining their status and brand name in the market? Is that good Marketing and Sales team?  Good management? Skilled labors? Brand name? Quality and design? Services provided by the company? Yes! There are many factors to be considered for a growing company. As a salesperson you must follow the companies aim and object and implement the same and see that it has to reach each customer for their entire satisfaction.


What is it that makes a brand a hit? An easy way to find out is to evaluate your own favorites. List ten favorite brands/services/organizations. What makes them great for you?

What makes them great?

Do you notice anything that stands out in right hand column? We can go through this exercise in our seminars, and the qualities that are dominant, time at after time, are customer service, product quality, value for money, and unquestioning acceptance of the fact that the customer is very, very important.

Let me share with you a good example of excellent service. We recently had the exhaust pipe on my car repaired. I looked in the directory and phoned one of the repair companies, and they called me back with a question based on various possibilities. They were open seven days a week. I decided to use them. When I got there, they invited me to sit in a reasonably comfortable lounge. Hey told me I would have to wait 15 minutes before they would be able to look at my car. There was a coffee machine, a food vendor, a TV and most of the day’s newspapers available. The lounge had a window overlooking the workshop area. After about 20 minutes, my car was driven in and put on the hoist. A mechanic inspected it, and then I was invited to come and see for myself. I was politely shown the problem, what worked and what did not. It was clear what had to be done. I was given the price (it matched the original quote) and told this would take an hour to fix. I said I would be back.

When I returned an hour later, the car was still on the hoist, but it as being worked on. About ten minutes later, it came off and I was invited to pay my bill. When that transaction was completed, I was given a cardboard portfolio containing a notepad, a company’s pen, my bill and guarantee, and a set of stickers for my kids to be put on their toy cars (all branded of the company, of course!). Even though it had all taken a little longer then suggested, I left there feeling good, and my car sounded much quieter.

How does what you do shape up in these areas?


Just to prove our point, let us look at the other side of the coin. What is it that makes a brand die? Evaluate your own favorite disasters. List half a dozen dead or dying brands/services/organizations. What made them fail?

What made them fail?

Here are a couple of my favorites. And I predicted they would fail when they were announced. Why won’t people listen?

Phone stick – a mobile phone that  you could only use for outgoing calls, and only if you were within range of a relay station, identified by a sign on the wall. Such stations were to be found in certain well – populated shopping areas. How much imagination did it take to make this idea up? How many billions were blown? Too many restrictions to its use and no particular incremental benefits (it takes the place of a pay phone) dispatched this piece of needless technology to an early grave (this is just one of the example of a failure).

One of the satellite broadcasting, techno block, Markland and the space point. Coming on the scene some months after the launch of a less complex, more compatible rival system (fly), BTB was a direct home satellite TV broadcasting facility. It required a dish antenna, a satellite tuner and a converter to make the techno block TV signal work on the home TV. The techno block TV format was supposed to give a better picture quality, but this was indiscernible on a conventional TV set. BTB spent millions on own satellite (Markland) and a very fancy headquarters building. Fly leased space on an existing satellite (ultra) and more Spartan office space. BTB got into a bidding war with fly on the prices of movies it had to pay distributors for its movie channel, driving its cost into outer space. BTB’s early failure (and merger with fly to form techno block fly broadcasting company) was as predictable as the next sunrise. Anyone want a satellite? Mark land is up there, uselessly in orbit, serving no purpose.


List some competitors. What makes them great for your prospects?

What makes them great?

Few months ago at seminar, I went round the room, asking people to discuss what had come up. One delegate said, ‘Well, my competitors use attractive young women as sales reps.” Oh, and I suppose you use unattractive young women, is that it?’. I could not resist replying. It’s easy to get a cheap laugh. But seriously, what are your competitors doing to get the edge on you? Is there something to be learned?


What makes you great for your clients? What differentiates you?

Feature I offer
Benefits to client……. And Importance

Having taken a look at this, the question arises are you letting these facts be known? It’s all very well to have an edge, but you must also communicate this to your audiences. And keep doing so.

For example, one of the Airways has done a lot to improve its service over the last few years. Every employee goes through a programme called “putting people first”, and the results show. I had occasion to complain about some confused boarding instructions that were given to me at Airport terminal a while ago. The passenger agent told me to go to one gate, and the departure display listed another gate. The agent was wrong, the display system was right. I almost missed my flight. So I asked for a comment form on the aircraft, and filled out a brief outline of the problem. I handed it to the flight attendant at the other end. A week later, I received a personal letter, from customer service, apologizing for the mix –up and assuring me that the matter was being attended to. Three months later, I received another letter, asking me if I had had the chance to try them again and see for myself if matters had improved. They offered me a voucher good for Rs. 5000/- off my next ticket. It’s the constant attention to this kind of detail, the feeling that I am important to them, the sense of care being taken, that makes for good sentiments and a competitive edge.


A good logo should state a benefit and be relevant to the brand. You should be able to ask for the brand by using the logo.

A poor slogo/logo may not work for various reasons – usually because the line sounds like the brand manager talking to his peers. Or because the line is simply meaningless or irrelevant. Who cares? Does this mean I should use it?


If you are a specialist in whatever you do, you can offer value added benefits and price your products and services accordingly. If you are generic, you can only compete on price and delivery. Your credibility is much better if you have some uniqueness that differentiates you from your competitors.

We are surrounded by niche marketing. A few years ago a large retailing organization, The Top Dream Group System, took all the departments that had to with servicing their shops and offices – like stationery, printing, office furnishings, store fixtures and so on – and rolled them together in to a firm called business essentials. By consolidating these activities, which had been run variously by all the different retailing subsidiaries, into one cohesive organization, they were able to put together a very efficient service that would let the stores get back to their real job of retailing, and provide big economies of scale. Then they made business essentials into supplier for other retailers and high street outlets, such as building societies and estate agencies. On their brochure are these words:

The successful company of the 2000s will target its recourses on its core business while contracting – out the distraction of peripheral activity to professional external specialists.

Companies are getting leaner all the time. They are outsourcing more and more, this means that organizations that can be perceived to replace the now non – existent unit, department or division can find a ready market for their services.

One phone hand set company near Delhi, did away with its shipping department and invited speed express to come in and run it as one of their branches. Many large organizations contract out their catering. Offices have people who come in and water their plants on a regular basis. Many companies have their car fleets managed by an outside agency. Some big firms have a brand-name travel agency occupying space on the 14th floor to serve all their travel needs.

All these outsource are specialists. They do one thing or series of things, they re expert at what they do, and they have understandable pricing structure.
What does this say to you? Are you specialist? Do you call yourself a specialist? Could you?

Above instances shows how important is Quality, Product, Communication, Services and Customer satisfaction. This is enough to retain brand status, Market share, and Profit margin of any organization to become a successful company.

Download or see a demo of a sample format of Project Report of a salesperson below. This format is easy to fill up all required datas, information, forecasting and projected values and achievements of customer and make you to comfortable to report your management periodically:


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