Aug 20, 2016


Training has become the most essential part of an organization and every salesman must undergo training to become more efficient and reliable. Training is quite essential for a newly appointed salesman as well as an old employee of an organization. It helps the new salesperson to get the full knowledge of the products that he has to sell, the selling technique and selling skills to different customers depends upon the customer segment.


It has helps the old salesmen to acquaint themselves with the new product of the company, to understand the new techniques of selling and improve or increase their ability and efficiency.

Therefore the company arranges for the training of new as well as old salesperson.

The extent of training depends upon several factors such as the nature of the job, the educational qualifications of the salesperson, their past experience, the nature of the products to be handled and the types of customers with whom the salesperson have to deal. The aims and objects of giving training are various. The following are the common aims and objects of providing training or coaching to salesperson.


To acquaint the new salesperson with the principles and techniques of selling.

To increase or improve the efficiency of an old employee.

To enable the salesperson to get full knowledge of the products and selling skills of the organization where they are employed.

To enable the salesperson to be familiar with the business practices of the company and to render better services to the customers.To keep the salesperson well informed about the laws regulating the sales company policy, about the types of customers, about the position of the competing firms and about the ways of promoting sales.To find in the course of training inefficient persons and weed them out.

Thus, training is very important in producing effective, efficient and strong sales force. It is often said that a good salesperson can sell anything and therefore a trained salesperson affects the sales of any products and under any circumstances. This is so because a trained salesperson has thorough understanding of the task entrusted to him.


I have given below few examples of advantages of training available to a company which possesses well trained sales people.

A well planned training program increases the total value and volume of sales and consequently the profit of the organization.It reduces the cost of management and control of salesperson.

It reduces the turnover of sales force. Trained salesperson do not usually leave the employer and therefore the company will not be unconvinced since there will be no frequent in the selling personnel.

It helps the company to maintain good relations with its clients. Because the trained salesperson who are usually contented always try to satisfy the customers by their good behavior.

It reduces the selling efforts so that loss of time is the least in effecting sales.

It reduces the number of complaints from the customers.

It enables the company to sell products of high unit cost.

It increases the goodwill of the company.


Following are the common methods of training the salespersons:

Giving speech on sales techniques.

Sales conferences

Seminars and presentations

Visual training

Field training

Induction training

Admitting to private training organizations

Arranging for apprenticeships

All these benefits add to the sales career and also the personal career for a salesperson. The training motivates or pushes forward the salesperson toward the goals. It also avails him the maximum benefits of the company plus the revenue of the company.

Giving speech on sales techniques: The Company may arrange for Sale Management professionals or experts on salesperson every now and then and enable the salesperson to know much about the skill of sales. Soon after the speech is over, group discussion, seminars and written tests should be organized. But such speeches have to be held only in holidays when the sales team wants to enjoy and take rest. Moreover company has to spend money for this. The budget depends upon the type of company.


The Company may hold periodical conferences and ask the salesperson to attend them. The manager sales or HR department in charge of such conferences arrange for the discussion of subject like, selling policies of the company, attitude of the customers forwards the products of company, complaints or grievances of the customers, methods of carrying on sales promotional activities and advertisement improvement to be made in products or in the selling techniques and the difficulties faced by the salesperson in their tasks or projects.

The advantages of these methods are various. It creates a logical thinking in the salesperson. It helps the salesperson to take better decision. Exchange and sharing of ideas and opinions broadens the knowledge of the salesperson. Several problems can be solved by group discussions.

Seminars and presentation: Such training's are boosting the thinking level of the salesperson broadly. In this training, salespeople from different region of the company arriving and discuss on various subjects like, selling techniques, product requirements, new product launching, competitors activities, sales promotional activities etc in details. During this period of time any salesperson can exchange his ideas and share his comments of his own. They are also discussing on new application and new customer base which is expected to be establishing in future. Each salesperson has to give presentation on his achievements, success stories, plan of action etc. This is a good training tool where salesperson can gain more knowledge and skills within a short period of time. The time period for such training would be four days to one week.


The company may arrange for the visual education of its salesperson in salesmanship and publicity. The salespeople are given training by the use of motion pictures, films, recorded voices and video demonstration of actual selling methods. Visual training includes different aids such as Visual aids, Audio visual aids and Audio aids. Such training improves salespersons selling appearance.


This method involves the actual demonstration of the work of salesperson. The trainer and the trainees actually call on the potential customers with products, catalogs and other selling tools. The Trainees observe the selling efforts of the trainer explains the various stages in his discussion including sales call to taking commitment and closing the call and then asks the trainees to do their job with other customer. Once the call is over trainer and trainees will both sit together and discuss about the call in detail. This training is very useful for any salesperson in selling field. Moreover he will come to know more about how objections can be handled?


This training generally gives idea about the company and its policies, terms and conditions, knowledge about different type of products, staff introduction, basic requirements of salespersons in selling, customer knowledge, territory knowledge, improve communication skills and as a whole details of company.

Admitting to private training organizations.

Under this method, the company may arrange for admission of its salesperson to specialized training organizations or Management Consultant where training in salesmanship and publicity is imparted. But during the training period, the company has to pay their remuneration as well as the training fees. Therefore this training method is costly. But it depends upon company policy and budgets.

Arranging for Apprenticeship: The Company arranges to send its salesperson to work as apprentices for industries of other distribution centers for limited period of time.


Most important duty of salesperson is communication with his Sales Manager. He should keep in touch with his manager regularly and update the business report without fail. If the communication is strong among them, no doubt, business growth is assured. Because Sales Manager is playing an important role in any organization in sales team. He is the head of the sales organization. He is the chief executive of the sales department. He is to guide and control the activities of the sales force. He is also known as Director Sales or the Chief Sales Executive (this may vary from company to company). In a small business concern, the sales manager performs most of the functions of marketing but in case of a medium or big organization concern, the functions are distributed among the several sections of the sales departments. Each section is an in charge of Assistant Sales Manager. There may also be branch managers, division wise or region wise. But the sales manager plays a very important role in the marketing activities of the company. He will guide his assistants in their work, direct their selling activities, see that goods flow continuously through the various distributors or dealers and reach the end users and take necessary steps to increase the sales of the goods. Thus his job is concerned with the many functions of marketing. He should appoint the salesperson wisely, train them, improve their selling skills, determine their sales areas and targets set by him, supervise and evaluate their performance, and finally stimulate and compensate them.

Apart from this sales manager should possess the skills of various things such as factors affecting the operation of the company, business practices prevailing in the market and future trends, business policies and terms and conditions, distributor’s policy of the firm, the type of the product manufactured by the company, monitoring inventory level and market research and analysis, good qualities and drawbacks of the sales force.

He must also possess capability to work successfully with other departments like purchase, stores, production, customer logistic, human resources department, quality and assurance, and extract work from them. He must also be capable of communicating ideas to others, inspire confidence, select right type of salesperson, evaluate their performance appraisal monthly or quarterly, analysis and respond to the management periodically. Hence, salesperson must co-operate with his manager so as to keep the growth of the company consistently.


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