1.) Ans- 14. (Numbers go up by three times)

2.) Ans- Office.(People don’t live in an office)

3.)Ans- 14 and 13 (There are two alternate series, going up by two each)

4.) Ans- Whale (It is a mummal, others are fish.)

5.) Ans-COMET (Ford, Vanguard, Bentley, and Fiat are makers of cars: the Comet was an airliner)

6.) Ans-Ball (The word in the middle has the same meaning as the two words at either side: a dance is a ball, and a ball is a sphere)

7.) Ans- LET

8.) Ans-18 and 30. (The numbers at the top follow the sequence -1, +2, -3, +4: those at the bottom: +1, -2, +3, -4)

9.) Ans-V. (In the alphabetical sequence, skip two and three letters alternately)

10.) Ans- Ram and Dram. (A Ram is a male sheep and Dram is a small draught of spirit)

11.) Ans- 6 (Each number in the bottom row is half the sum of the numbers in the other two rows)

12.) Ans- PIN

13.) Ans- 17. ( The top numbers go up by four, from left to right, those in the middle by five, and those at the bottom by six. 12+5= 17.)

14.) Ans- Fare. (All the other words can be made out of letters from the word 'accessory')

15.) Ans- BAR

16.) Ans- Athens, which is in Greece. (The others are Chicago, Boston, and Washington)

17. ) Ans- Deep. ( The word in brackets is made up of the last but three and the last but two letters of the words outside the brackets)

18.)Ans- Drive. (A drive into the country is an excursion, and a man with drive is a man full of energy)

19. ) Ans- Albatross. ( The others are rat, lion, elephant and jaguar.)

20.) Ans- 350. (Add the two numbers outside the brackets, and divide by two)

21.) Ans- LENT.


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