Know Your Key Customer's Basics


Detail your customer’s customer.

Strength and benefits of your customer’s product and services.
How your customer goes to market.
How does your customer view their market place?
Your customer’s business goals.
Your customer’s business strength and weaknesses.
Your customer’s strategies.
Have you been on plant tour? What was it like?
How is your contact people measured
Your customer’s policies and philosophies


The main players in the buying cycle.

Decision makers Influencers

Who reports to whom…show organization chartBasic business

background of your key customer contacts

Describe the customer’s contacts personalities
How your customer contacts like to do business
What is it costing the customer to go without your solution?
What demo did you use and what was the customer’s response
What case histories did you use and what was the customer’s response
What is your objective for the next call?
What follow up actions are necessary?
What is your companies’ resources, people or homework must you organize before your next call?
What is the date of next call?
Did you document properly? (Account sheet and follow up letter)
What can you do better on your next call on this account?

(Fill Up the above Gaps with your own Answers)

This knowledge and information is very necessary to each and every salesperson before entering in to the customer's place. I am sure this will encourage your interest and motivate your skills during your next sales call. But you need to practice above tips regularly and make it a habbit.