Yoga is an ancient scientific research made to improve physical fitness, mental fitness of a human body in our daily life. It generates unique vibrating signals on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual of a person. The word yoga means ‘unity’ or ‘oneness’ and is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means ‘to join’.

Yoga has many asana which keeps a human’s body physically and mentally fit and keep the person active all the 24 hours. By performing and practicing such yogasana daily twice, no doubt one can improve his physical and mental fitness and also capable of handling any objections, stress and strain so that he can discharge his duties to his entire satisfaction...

There are seven important yoga asana suggested especially for salespeople and an advised to practice it every day to restore the lost energy. The seven asan’s are given below







These asanas have to be practiced in empty stomach and at least one hour after any light food. Do not have any liquid or solid food one hour after the yogasana. Further, focus more attention on the following…

Avoid smoking and alcohol (if not, try to minimize the quantity)

Drink 3 to 4 liters of water every day

Minimize the intake of coffee and tea

Practice morning walk for an at least 2 kilo meter

Meditation for 10 minutes

Body massage at least once in a week

Spend time with family and friends

Swim at least twice in a month for an hour

Enjoy week ends

This is enough to keep maintain physical fitness of your health. So, start today and feel the amazing benefits after three months.

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